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Wir beraten unsere Deutschen, Österreich und Schweizer Klienten mit Vermögensschutz und Vermögens Beratung. Wir beraten individuell, neutral, kompetent und umfassend. Die Ansprüche an langfristig erfolgreiche Vermögensverwaltung verlangen ein besonderes Vertrauensverhältnis zwischen unseren Kunden und unseren Beratern. Darum legen wir höchsten Wert auf persönliche und kontinuierliche Betreuung, die von gegenseitiger Werten Schätzung geprägt sind. Lassen Sie sich von uns beraten und treffen sie fundierte Anlageentscheidungen.

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We have published volumes of easy to understand information, authored best selling books within all planning genres, and have filmed hours of educational videos for you to sample here on the web.
This site is full of annuity and life insurance planning resources.

Your experience with us is going to be fun, clearer, and simpler than you may have experienced anywhere else on the web – or from any local financial advisor. This site has been long overdue in the annuity and life insurance marketplace! Much has been written about annuities and life insurance by many media pundits—both detractors and proponents—who have had little regard for the rigors of research and analysis, and the fairness and frankness found in our books and on this site. We believe our research will be an invaluable tool in helping you judge the suitability of fixed or indexed annuities to meet your retirement needs, as well as life insurance solutions to meet your estate planning objectives.

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We are nationally recognized business leaders and planning authorities.
Géraldine Jeffers, MBA
Chief Executive Officer – Seasoned international business leader with insight and know how to connect our family of companies, products, services and elite allied professionals with the needs of higher net-worth clientele in the USA and abroad. Gini’s CV includes but is not limited to: Schiller International University Heidelberg Campus Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Schule Schloss Salem The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Wir beraten unsere Deutschen, Österreich und Schweizer Klienten mit Vermögensschutz und Vermögens Planung Optionen. Wir beraten individuell, neutral, kompetent und umfassend.
Patrick Jeffers, Founder
Patrick Jeffers is focused on helping quality advisor professionals further succeed by responsibly funding America’s financial and estate plans with annuities & life insurance. With his decades of experience, professional association building skills, membership support expertise, professional acumen, and his annuity sales & distribution leadership, Patrick A. Jeffers founded the Sarasota based Institute and serves as its Chairman.

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